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ABOUT​​ Inspection& Repair

The image shows the life size Stonehenge inflatable "Sacrilege"  manufactured for the Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller


Send us a some photos of the damage to your unit and we can quote you for the repair.  


It's often cheaper than you think!


We recommend that inflatables are inspected annually not only to ensure their safety but also to prolong their useable life by using the annual test as an opportunity to conduct preventative maintenance and carry out small regular repairs.


As members of the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) we inspect inflatables to this standard and  provide an Inspection Report confirming that the inflatable meets the required safety standard , where appropriate, and in what areas it may be deficient and require rectification or repair.


If the unit has been entered onto the Pipa database and carries a Pipa tag we can also providea the Annual Pipa Test certificate.


Our Managing Director is a Certified Member of the Register of Play Inspectors International and may inspect inflatables for adherence to RPII standards. The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) trains, examines, accredits and certificates individual inspectors and conducts written and practical examinations for Annual Inspectors of Inflatable Play Equipment. More details about the RPII can be found at 



We currently support annual RPII inspection or an annual PIPA test as we believe this offers inflatable operators an easy and convenient way of conforming with the law that requires all work equipment to be tested annually by a "Competent person".


Please call us to arrange a test.





If you have lots of inflatables or are not able to arrange transport we may be able to arrange testing on your site. Please note that testing and repair is best arranged "off-season".

More details about the PIPA scheme and the law for operators can be found by following the link 



All inflatable play equipment that has been confirmed as compliant to the Pipa standard will carry a PIPA tag and be listed on a database held on the PIPA website. The scheme is supported by the majority of inflatable manufacturers and was developed in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive.




Not all inflatable play devices are covered by the standard. Private inflatables that are not hired out, devices classified as toys and inflatables used in pools are not in the scope of PIPA testing. These can be inspected to RPII standards to ensure that they offer safety when used correctly.

Please note that for PIPA and RPII inspection you must bring along both the fan and the stakes used with the inflatable.


The PIPA test means:

  • A recognised standard based on safety

  • Tested by a nationally qualified inspector

  • Equipment approved for commercial use


The PIPA scheme delivers:

  • Improved safety for your children

  • HSE recognised best practice

  • Quality assurance

  • Certified Initial test

  • Certified annual testing





The structures of our units are produced in UK manufactured 610 gramme per square metre, fire-retardant PVC which provides the most flexible and hardwearing base for an inflatable unit. This PVC is available in a large range of colours. Sample swatches and the PVC data sheet provided by the manufacturer can be provided.


The PVC complies with the flammability requirements of BS5867:1980 Part 2 Type B as is usually required.


Roofs and shower covers use a more lightweight material as they do not need to be quite as durable.


Inflatables can also be manufactured from alternative materials where appropriate.




All bounce beds are re-enforced using 2" Polyester webbing which is Flame retardant and UV stable so it does not rot or fade in the sun.




The PVC is joined on a twin needle lockstitch machine providing a hardwearing and robust seam. The thread is bonded Nylon Twist produced from continuous filament Nylon. The manufacturer confirms that this thread is manufactured to ENISO 2060 and 2062.




Commercial zips with a PVC hook and loop flap for protection are inserted on the bed wall for easy and fast deflation. This reduces the time spent in deflation and increases ease of use.




The specialist paint used in any PVC artwork is manufactured in accordance with EN71 - Toy regulations. An independent test report with analysis confirming adherence to this specification may be provided.




Unless specified otherwise, the units would be supplied with a Gibbons 240 Volt 50 Hz 1.5 Horse power fan. The fans have a two year guarantee inclusive of parts and labour.




All our inflatables are provided (as standard) with a 2 year fair wear and tear guarantee with the unit to be returned to the factory for repair at the Customer's own expense. This cover includes any parts and labour within the stated guarantee period. The guarantee on specialist inflatables may vary.




Inflatables are manufactured and delivered within an agreed timescale following receipt of formal order.


As Registered Play Inspectors with PIPA you can be sure that your product will comply with, or exceed, all relevant legislation.


With an Inflatable provided by Inflatable World Leisure you can be assured of excellence in design, manufacture and after sales service.





We recommend preventative maintenance and small regular repairs to prolong the life of your inflatables and keep them looking their best.


Please call us to arrange a repair or send us an email with a photograph showing the damage and we will get back to you letting you know if repair is possible and the approximate cost.


We generally offer in- house repairs however if you have lots of inflatables or are not able to arrange transport we may be able to arrange repair and testing on your site.


Please note that although testing and repair is best arranged "off-season" we will always try to ensure that repairs are carried out as soon as required so that you do not miss a booking.


When a repair is booked into our factory we will generally try to repair it whilst you wait to cut down on transportation costs. Where inflatables are used daily, for your peace of mind, we can set up an Annual Maintenance Contract which covers the cost of an annual test and repair service and any unexpected repairs that occur during the year.


We can carry out repairs both large and small.


Typical large repairs: We can replace whole Slide sheets and steps on large slides and replace dull or torn rain covers on A-Frames and Bounce and Slides.


Typical small maintenance repairs: Replace torn or missing Anchor points, Repair "popped" stitching, re-stitch and touch up artwork on Crashmats.

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For Confirmation of our commitment to Quality please see our Quality Policy  below: 


Inflatable World Leisure Ltd will strive to maintain its reputation for the production of top quality constant air inflatables.


In meeting the above, we also aim to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering reliable, high quality, cost effective products and services within agreed timeframes thus generating the returns required to:


  • Reward stakeholders for their investment.

  • Reward our people for their efforts.

  • Provide the funds to support future operations and company growth.

  • Provide a stable and enjoyable work-place for the entire team.


Inflatable World Leisure Ltd is committed to the continual improvement of its performance by the monitoring of quality issues and through involvement with customers, suppliers and regulatory bodies.


To achieve these objectives, full support and commitment of the management is given to:


  1. The implementation of an effective, documented quality control programme to enable control over all activities that can affect service and product quality.

  2. Promotion of awareness to all personnel that the achievement of quality depends on the contribution of each individual.

  3. Satisfaction of customer requirements, improvement of productivity and reduction of errors.

  4. Improvements in manufacturing and control techniques .

  5. Employee development and training.


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