Inflatable Work tent
Inflatable Worktent Building
Useful shelter with fast inflation and deflation
4 Part Inflatable Building
4 Part Inflatable Building for the MOD. Inner sections dutch laced to the outers.
Bespoke Inflatable Buildings for Wind Turbine Repair
Bespoke design inflatable habitats for use on board ship
Inflatable Shelter for sale
Custom made lean to inflatable building for use in maintenance of Commercial Vehicles
Inflatable Building for sale by Inflatable World
Blue and White Inflatable Building for sale
Inflatable Building for use in Construction
One of two buildings to be used for winter construction work
Apex Roof Purple Inflatable Worktent
Building to be used for remedial maintenance
Red and White Inflatable Worktent with horizontal beam roof
Red and White Inflatable Workshop with horizontal beam roof
Tall Inflatable Worktent with Side Roll-up Door and internal wall
Bespoke Tall Worktent with Side door and internal half wall dividing clean and dirty areas
Inflatable Windturbine Cover
Bespoke semi circular worktent to use for wind turbine repairs
Inflatable Power Station containment buildings
2 End piece buildings for encapsulation and protection of turbine during refurbishment work
Inflatable Workshop with bespoke features
Small sized worktent with bespoke internal features as specified by the client.
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